September 14, 2014

The Farm Stand Rock' n' Roll Potluck Art Show Party

I attended the Farm Stand Rock n' Roll potluck party. I brought the obligatory chips and salsa to the potluck as did many other attendees. My date and I discovered the best seeded dried fruit cookies we've ever eaten, and, I scarfed down A LOT of the skinny white and purple french fries that were being served up by the owners of the Gospel Flat Farm.

The two acts, The Domestics and a Jeff Manson outfit, were excellent. The Domestics were a tight, driving, pop/rock duo with wry lyrics about relationships gone awry. Jeff and his group were loose, free, thoughtful, clever and fun. I was digging the guitar playing, the free spirited dancers, the mellow crowd, and the sun-kissed vibe of the entire scene.

There was also an impressive large scale photo portrait show on display at the gallery that coexists with the 24 hour roadside farm stand. It wasn’t an easy show to look at, yet it fit into the gallery and its surroundings beautifully. It was a strong and daring contrast to Bolinas’s bucolic country side. Ethan Rafal was the photographer/artist and what he created was TOTALLY ART.