October 10, 2014

Art Beats Da Feat.

San Francisco
Pier 70

Low Art. Low Fi. Low Budget. Low Down & Dirty Art Show.

There were jewelers, builders, painters, crafters, printers, weavers, photographers, musicians, sculptors and chefs at the event. The lighting was sub-awesome, dim industrial, it made it hard to see some of the vendors work. It was totally cool for a dance party. I went there Friday (opening) night and it was sparsely populated. People were still setting up, a la Burning Man style; making it happen, putting it together, some were more prepared than others. 

The most attractive feature of the evening was a huge glassy puddle of water or…? It was behind the gallery stands, unlit, except for the light that came in through nearby windows. Many people gathered around it, gazed, and tried to photograph it. It appeared to be a natural wonder. The massive glossy puddle flawlessly mirrored the whearhouse ceiling and created an abysmal illusion, one of falling deep into a dark cold linear hole. It was awsome! and difficult to photograph with my iPhone. 

Below are the sampling of photos I came away with. 
If you are an artist I show here please contact me, I want to add your name. 
Names, eeek! not my forte. 

The mirror-like puddle.

The dried Sea Urchin necklace brought to mind Charlie Callahan's work.

Vegan Taxidermy (Love It!) 

This piece was so slick. 
Beautiful, tight, airbrushing and design work with a thick glossy finish.

A painting