December 30, 2014

Anonymously Altered Books

Curator / Director: Christian Davies

It was my first time to the Mission district, 24th street, Adobe Books. When I arrived I basically made a beeline to the back room gallery to look at the art.  On the way there I spied alcoves and walls filled with books and small groups of people quietly chatting; I also discovered a lively, fast talking, astrologer. (Later in the evenings he did a quick, dirty and cheap chart analysis for me. He was awfully astute and told me my life was on the up-and-up. Nice.)

It was such a mellow vibe at Adobe Books, people were even allowed to drink inside the bookstore! I really wasn’t there for the books but I stayed a little longer because of them (one in particular really captured my attention: it featured amazingly bizarre images of a collection of found thrift store paintings). The Backroom Gallery was a warm, small, delightful space. The Anonymously Altered Books show (which is on until 1/2/2015) is a fundraiser for the gallery and it has VERY reasonably priced artist altered books. There were some REALLY cool pieces in the show. Here’s what I captured with my small portable electronic device.

Astologer: Charles Vickers (in a former life he was a radio DJ on the venerable KUSF)