August 3, 2015

Two Tripped Out Shows: In That Case, Take It

Blotter paper was on display at the Fifty24SF gallery. Vintage and new stuff, ubiquitous and rare stuff.  The show was called "Take It" and the paper / art / acid(?) on display was from the collection of Mark McCloud. It got me thinking, as psychedelics are apt to do, what an amazing drug LSD is. It spawns massive amounts of inspiration, creativity, ingenuity, and for some - enlightenment.  There aren't many drugs (other than a handful of plants that have been called psychedelic "drugs") that can even come close to facilitating human progression, deep insight, a sense of spiritual belonging, and consciousness. The intricate patterns, bright colors, portrayals of emotion (comical, frightened, blissful) were on display here, on teeny-tiny pieces of paper. That's how much LSD excited and inspired people, they even wanted to create art on the little piece of paper they ingested - taking it all in. 

In That Case: Havruta in Contemporary Art 
David Wilson and Francesco Spagnolo

This mysterious show is at the Jewish Contemporary Museum and premised on a Hebrew word relating to the concept "form [or out of] out of the depths". David and Francesco came together to explore this concept via artifacts and objects discovered by David in the Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life at UC, Berkeley. Penciled word associations and drawings of things were  created by David, whereas Francesco added pontifications and definitions to the collaborative effort. And to really top off the hard-to-explain, rambling, associative nature of this exhibit a strange band called "Fantasy Bracelet" gathered in a circle, adorned in robes, and played desert dweller spaced out mystical music. 


Band: Fantasy Bracelet