September 23, 2015

2 Blocks of Art in the Tenderloin

Last Friday, for a few hours only, there was an art walk that spanned two blocks of the Tenderloin. It started at Market and 6th street; a notoriously rowdy, impoverished, and abject section of the city. For years there’s been talk of reviving and beautifying this section of the city with the help of art. There’s a hope that it can morph into San Francisco's arts district.

In an effort to facilitate the transformation an annual art event called 2 Blocks of Art happens along this corridor. Performing and visual artists set up temporary spaces and installations on and off the street; entwining themselves and their work with the people who live, hustle, and loiter on 6th street. Walking these two blocks requires courage and compassion at moments. Because of this 2 Blocks of Art was a truly urban experience and adventure. Below is a sample of some of the art I found tucked away in emptied retail spaces, and SRO entry way, a laundry mat and on the street.

Sunset Piano at Market & 6th

Drawing Air. Artist: David Fiveash

The Original Twelve. Artist: Robin Lehto

Time Machines. Artist: Aja Ulfedt

Allison Lovejoy at Launderland

We are all explorers. Artist: Shalaco

I Can't Set No More Traps. Artist: Oskar Lawrence Brent Malone

Data Structures and Algorithms. Artist: Tilde Ann Thurium